The Certified Professional in Training Management (CPTM™) credential empowers you with the business tools necessary to push your career in training and development to new heights by preparing you for the future of your role.

The CPTM program is backed by a body of knowledge collected from learning leaders across the globe as part of a nine-year research program conducted by Training Industry, Inc. and published in the book, “What Makes a Great Training Organization?” (available here on Amazon). With a focus on the core responsibilities and key competencies of the training manager and the best practices of great training organizations, the CPTM program provides an understanding of how to apply those principles when aligning your learning and development plan to the goals of your organization.  This serves as a foundation from which the training manager creates strategic alignment, identifies needs, develops and delivers solutions and evaluates performance.


CPTM™ Certification and Membership Benefits

CPTMs are taught a common language to unify the training industry and promote the reputation of learning and development as a respected profession that is essential to a high performing organization. During the CPTM program, you will learn how to lead a high performing training organization, develop solutions based on needs analysis and business acumen, leverage technology to enhance organizational learning and much more.

Upon completion of the program, you will receive a CPTM certificate recognizing your achievement as well as a social badge through Acclaim, the Pearson social badge service. CPTM graduates will be admitted into an elite alumni community of learning and development professionals, affording you the opportunity to learn from and network with your peers. You will also have access to exclusive opportunities for continuing education including CPTM webinars, conferences and more.

Lead the change in improving the training industry and become a member of an alumni community of professionals spearheading future learning and development practices with access to a continually curated body of knowledge.


Maintaining Your Certification is Easy

Recertify by completing at least 24 hours of continuing education within a two-year period. The objective of recertification of your CPTM certification is to demonstrate to your peers the value of continuous learning and skills development to effectively manage future training needs aligned with organizational goals.



Want to learn more?

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CPTM, offered 1-2x per month, 3-4 day practicum plus pre-work, virtual or in-person

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