The Certified Professional in Training Management (CPTM™) program employs a blended approach to learning, providing prospective CPTMs with the appropriate amount of self-paced pre-work combined with applied experiences, to enable a lasting and impactful transformation of the business practices associated with managing learning and development. There are three steps to attain certification.

Step 1: Complete 10 Online Modules

Step 2: The CPTM Practicum

Step 3: The CPTM Certification Exam

Step 1: Complete 10 Online Modules

  1. The Evolution of the Training Industry: The learning experience begins with a historical review of how our profession has evolved through social and economic shifts, providing the background needed to prepare you for future changes and innovations.
  2. The 8 Process Capabilities of High Performing Training Organizations: Gain insight on the best practices of high-performing training organizations and how to prioritize your efforts to drive business performance.
  3. How to Create Strategic Alignment Leveraging Business Centric and Demand Based Training Models: Examine how a business-centric approach to learning management creates strategic alignment between the training organization and the business.
  4. How to Maximize the Use of Internal and External Resources: Learn the decision making process for utilizing and acquiring information and resources in the most effective and efficient way, allowing training initiatives to be scaled easily to meet increased or decreased business demand.
  5. How to Optimize Your Organization’s Training Processes: Understand the key processes of managing a training organization and examine organizational models to structure and manage the organization in ways that help the business achieve its goals.
  6. How to Leverage Technology to Enhance Organizational Learning: Examine how to leverage technology as a powerful tool to deliver knowledge, engage the learner, promote active learning, enable learner mobility and enhance knowledge transfer.
  7. How to Develop Solutions Based on Needs Analysis and Business Acumen: Perform analysis that leverages both business acumen and results in crafting solutions that mobilize resources, processes and technology to improve business performance.
  8. How to Choose Development and Delivery Strategies that Drive Performance: Learn how to select instructional design and learning delivery methods that consider issues such as scale, work environment, geography, time to launch and the frequency of content updates.
  9. How to Assess Business and Training Performance for Better Outcomes: Evaluate training performance with a specific focus on how training impacts the business.
  10. How to Best Prepare for the CPTM Practicum: Review previous module content and prepare yourself for success in the practicum.


Step 2: The CPTM Practicum

The practicum is a team-based experience designed to simulate the real-world events of a training manager. Teams are confronted with a real-world business problem and asked to conduct diagnostics to identify the root cause of that problem. Together, your team will develop a solution using learning and development and identify appropriate success metrics to evaluate that solution.

The highlight of the practicum occurs when your team presents your training solution, using business acumen to sell the solution to your fellow classmates who play the role of your constituents. Throughout the practicum, there is ample discussion and team-based activities dedicated to using best practices in properly aligning your training programs with the goals of your organization.

By the end of the program, you will have developed a plan of action that aligns your training goals with the goals of the business you support. Each practicum will include a keynote discussion with an experienced training executive, who has faced many of the challenges you face in your company.


Step 3: The CPTM Certification Exam

The last step in achieving your CPTM certification is successful completion of the exam, administered by Training Industry. The exam tests your ability to apply best practices using your understanding of the core responsibilities of the training manager. The two-and-a-half hour online exam can be taken at your leisure at home or in the office. Upon successful completion, you will receive your certification. 


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