Learning and Development Challenges

Brief Overview

Companies rely on training to upskill employees and drive culture, but many, if not all, L&D functions face obstacles to successful training. As a learning leader, you likely grapple with many training challenges, but you may lack context for what’s normal in the uphill battle toward effective training. This report provides that context, sharing insights into common learning and development (L&D) challenges as well as recommendations for how to address the most common ones.

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Why We Did the Research

When L&D doesn’t function effectively, there are negative repercussions on business outcomes and employee retention. How common are the challenges you face, and where do they come from? Without being able to answer questions such as these, you may be unable to identify potential solutions and strategies to address these struggles.

Who We Spoke To

Training Industry’s report “Learning and Development Challenges: Looking to the Past to Plan for the Future” provides a retrospective analysis of data from 3,656 learning leaders collected over the past five years.

Actionable Takeaways

This report will define and describe three classes of challenges related to training strategy, implementation and learner behavior. You can use this report to benchmark the health of your L&D function and to anticipate new challenges you may encounter in the course of growing its reach and effectiveness. Insights include:

The prevalence of L&D challenges such as consistency, resourcefulness and accountability, and definitions of specific challenges in each of the three classes (strategy, implementation and learner-related).

Which challenges have become less common over the past five years, which have emerged as growing issues in today’s training departments and why these trends might be occurring.

Suggestions for how to tackle the most common challenges faced by learning leaders.

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